Photography caught my attention a few years ago when I was on top of my professional career. I picked up product photography from the get go simply because it was fun photographing objects and arranging them in different ways to look "alive".

A few months into it, I booked my very first paid gig shooting a food and beverage menu for a new cafe opening on Bali Island (did I mention that I grew up in one of the top wedding destination places in the world?).

Ever since, I've been investing in education to become an even more skilled and FUN photographer to work with!

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coffee is my (other) love language

When I'm not working on my photography, I get creative with my passion for coffee. I'm a self-taught barista who loves making latte art and learning coffee tasting at home. I love inviting people over to enjoy freshly made coffee from my mini coffee bar. My dream is that one day I can host you, friends, and family in my own modest Indonesian specialty coffee shop!

I'm an INFJ and an Enneagram 1

If you love learning about personalities, you'll know what these mean. If you aren't familiar... well, I'd say I am FUN to work with, haha! I'm always interested to learn about others and as your photographer, I'd love to get to know you too!

I NEVER win giveaways.

Yep, you read that right! I've never once won a giveaway, no matter how easy they were to enter and participate. Sometimes I think to myself, is there a secret to winning them? Because who never wins at least once, right?!

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I am here to provide you with a smooth and convenient experience from the moment you inquire about your session to the day you receive your sneak peek images and your photo gallery delivery. 

When you book a session with me, here's what to expect:

○ A quick and straightforward booking system
○ A clear and organized day of timeline (for weddings)
○ A variety of beautiful, private and exclusive locations
○ A session style guide to assist you with coordinating outfits for family
   and engagement sessions
○ Sneak peek delivery within one week and a fast full gallery turnaround time
○ An automatic 10% discount for future sessions
○ A little surprise for your family or friends who send you my way!


Weddings are personal and family is an extension to the celebration of marriage.


I married the love of my life almost five years ago and one thing I've learned from my own experience: your wedding day is very personal and intimate. You want to work with people you are comfortable with and confident in on this special day. People who share similar core values as you and your soon-to-be spouse, who will be there every step of the way to help turn your dream wedding (and your Pinterest board!) into the reality that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life.

I'm here to celebrate and pop the champagne with you, and send you off with a sparkle! And to capture your wedding day gracefully.

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I view family as an extension to the celebration of marriage. When you have family portraits done, you are creating more than just memories. You are passing an heirloom on to your children and the generations after them. To this day, my family still holds a black and white photograph of my Chinese great grandparent sitting on an ancient high chair with this half bald and half braided long hair head.

I'm so honored to get to capture these moments that will live on in your family for many years to come.


"The question is not what you look at, but what you see."

- Henry Thoreau